Amazon AWS Billing: Lowering Your Cloud Costs

AWS billing

You probably already know you can cut your Amazon AWS Billing costs using Spot Instances. You certainly already know how cutting cloud costs are to growing your business – but your developers might not know how to manage them correctly.

Afterall, the steep discount on AWS Spot Instances is because Amazon occasionally reclaims the instances, creating operational challenges.

How much could you be saving on your Amazon AWS Billing?​​

It depends on the type of Instances you use EC2 for. After investing in AWS DevOps experts, one AI company reduced their cloud costs by 90%. You can sift through Availability Zones and Instance Types on the Spot Instance Advisor to estimate how much you could save on your Amazon AWS Bill. However, part of transitioning your workloads onto Spot Instances is determining what alternative instance types could provide less expensive computing power, but still meets your business goals.

So do you hire a DevOps engineer or choose a consultant to implement Spot Instances?​

On average, the search process for a talented DevOps engineer can take 3 months and training that new employee can take another 4 months – all while your Amazon AWS Billing remains the same. That’s a lot of time that could have been spent growing.

Instead, you could bring on an experienced team of consultants.  DevOp consultants can restructure your cloud infrastructure in as little time as a month, allowing your business to scale quickly.

Reducing your Amazon AWS Billing shouldn’t come at the cost of increasing the complexity of your DevOps.​

From startups to large companies, Gennovacap has been delivering – and learning – DevOp solutions for businesses since 2007. We’re experienced at guiding companies through the IT challenges they face. Set up a consultation with the Gennovacap team today – and let’s figure out how we can work together – to lower your cloud costs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Ready to cut your cloud costs with Gennovacap?​

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