How to make a website mobile friendly

make a website mobile friendly

The introduction of smartphones has lead to an influx in mobile device usage. Nowadays people tend to use mobile phones for several purposes and everything is easily accessible through them. In order to make a website mobile friendly, there are several tactics that are undertaken so that the end result can be successfully achieved.

You want to make a website mobile friendly because if your content isn’t properly visible, it’s likely to drive users away or not convert into a customer. Additionally, Google and other search engines also rank your website based on whether or not you use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and they ding you for having web pages that do not fit mobile standards.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tools to help you adjust your website to be responsive so that it adjusts to any web browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Firefox) or mobile device browser. These tips will allow users to obtain clear and readable information in the browser, no matter which device they access it from. It will also help with your SEO.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your website mobile friendly.

Make use of CSS media queries

Media queries are vital if you want to achieve mobile optimization. The media in media query refers to the size of the device screen the user is viewing your website from. Media queries are used for providing a standard layout for every browser across a range of devices. Media queries assess the size of the device and then work towards presenting the data accordingly for an appropriate display. Here are some CSS Tricks for optimizing your website using media queries.

Use Popular Mobile Layout Frameworks

There is a plethora of frameworks available but out of them all, twitter bootstrap is the most popular.  This front end framework implements all the media queries according to the mobile device automatically. Efficient implementation with a framework like bootstrap will allow you to make your website mobile friendly and will save you a lot of time. However, there may be a probability that several devices may still function poorly so framework compatibility checks so using tools like Browserstack can help for that.

Utilize cross browser testing tools

Browserstack is a useful tool for testing the website for their usability and functionality. A great web developer must always make their website pass through testing tools so that they are aware of the points of improvement. Browserstack has huge coverage over a variety of Android and iOS browsers, desktop browsers, moreover it doesn’t require additional maintenance to improve speed which can come into handy.

Furthermore Browserstack ensures security through SOC2 complaint service.

The mobile layout of your website is of utmost importance for SEO and converting users. In order to make your website mobile friendly you need to invest in proper tools and frameworks to optimize the display and layout for mobile devices.

Mobile traffic makes up 50% or more of web traffic and desktops are becoming more or less obsolete, hence, it’s imperative for your existing website to be mobile compatible so that you can improve your likelihood of SEO discovery and website optimization.

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