Why DevOps?

If you can’t deploy product updates faster and better than your competitors, your business is in trouble. That’s why DevOps experts are hired: to transform your development operations into delivering a better product – while saving money and time. 

But you probably already know why DevOps is important to keeping your product profitable. Gennovacap’s consultants love guiding your business through the daunting process of updating your development life cycle. 

Our AWS DevOps team was able to save an AI company 90% on their cloud costs using Amazon Spot Instances. We didn’t just save the company money though, but provided a more stable development pipeline too.

Our Capabilities

Gennovacap is a reliable team of engineers with expertise in:

  • Ansible: If your team needs some help with configuration management, task automation or application deployment – then our team of Ansible experts are ready to work with you.
  • Chef: Etsy, Facebook and Indiegogo are just some of the companies using Chef to manage configurations for virtual machines.
  • Gitlab CI/CD: Having an integrated environment to test and deploy code is essential to updating a product.
  • Jenkins: Jenkins is continuous integration platform enabling developers to efficiently build and test your software updates.
  • Puppet: Pulling strings from multiple applications of servers doesn’t need to be difficult with Puppet.
Why DevOps?

Why DevOps experts at Gennovacap?

Knowing how to use DevOps tools is only one part of the solution. Knowing how to work with your developers and your operations team made up of real people – not just computers – to achieve your business goals is even more important. That’s why DevOps experience and flexibility are so valuable.

Ready to work with the team of engineers that put Gennovacap among the top rated app developers on Clutch? Good – because we can’t wait to get started updating your development process – so you can update your product better, quicker and cheaper than your competitors. Set up a consultation with one of our experts today:

Technology Capabilities

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"The new app allows for an exponential increase in project volume. Gennovacap’s business-focused acumen, experience, and approach enable them to offer invaluable long-term guidance on product design and development."
Venture Lab Partner
"The pre-revenue solution now supports 2,000 coaches in 70 countries, thanks to Gennovacap’s quick building process. The team’s agile workflow and ability to scale in response to changing requirements contributed to a winning product."
Aaron King
CEO & Founder
"After the site’s relaunch, sales increased by 20%. Through Gennovacap Technology’s technical skills and impeccable responsiveness, the new platform supports an improved mobile experience and encourages a better understanding of customers’ behavior."
Renee Rouleau