Mobile App Development

Gennovacap starts by collaborating and refining your app concept to design an engaging user experience that will leverage each mobile platform to its fullest. With a completed design, Gennovacap’s experienced mobile development team will engineer and code the highest quality app with frictionless and engaging performance. The experience level of our designers and engineers coupled with our proven proprietary Agile Rapid Mobile Application Development methodology enables the Gennovacap team to rapidly create your app.

Technology Capabilities

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"The new app allows for an exponential increase in project volume. Gennovacap’s business-focused acumen, experience, and approach enable them to offer invaluable long-term guidance on product design and development."
Venture Lab Partner
"The pre-revenue solution now supports 2,000 coaches in 70 countries, thanks to Gennovacap’s quick building process. The team’s agile workflow and ability to scale in response to changing requirements contributed to a winning product."
Aaron King
CEO & Founder
"After the site’s relaunch, sales increased by 20%. Through Gennovacap Technology’s technical skills and impeccable responsiveness, the new platform supports an improved mobile experience and encourages a better understanding of customers’ behavior."
Renee Rouleau