and Containers

Kubernetes is the rapidly growing, open-source platform used to manage containerized workloads. Containers like Kubernetes, are efficient at sharing computing resources on different types of servers – and dynamically scaling depending on the requirements of interdependent software.

Kubernetes is one of Gennovacap’s favorite platforms to design, develop and deploy for clients. Kubernetes and other containerized platforms are capable of running effectively on older, less expensive servers. This makes Kubernetes great for AWS Spot Instances – Amazon’s steeply discounted computing power that can lower your AWS billing.

Capabilities of and Containers

Besides cutting cloud costs, Gennovcap loves Kubernetes because of its ability to automate the deployment of clustered services on both on and offsite servers. Our engineers know how to program Kubernetes to:

Automatically configure an application network.

Automatically Scale Applications with Kubernetes

Automatically deploy application services.

Kubernetes Services in Austin Texas

Automatically load balance between an application’s components.

Automatically replicate an application’s components.

Automatically distribute services across varied infrastructure.

Kubernetes Services in Austin Texas

Easily scale application services when necessary.

Sharing of storage across multiple containers.

Automatically failover an application’s components.

To do any of these tasks manually, it would be expensive, time consuming and mistake prone. Simply put, you need automation before you can realistically scale your application’s services.


Our consultants have been providing technical solutions to businesses like yours since 2007. We’re proud to have been named top app developers on both and Clutch. Our experience is a great guide to finding the right strategies and technology to grow your business.

Gennovacap’s  AWS DevOps experts were able to save one AI company 90% on their cloud costs, in part due to the efficiency of containerized workloads: we’d love to do the same for your business.

If you’re ready to build a more reliable application that is capable of running on cheap, older-generation servers, then we’re ready to get to work for you. 

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