Kubernetes Consulting Practice

The largest benefit that our customers receive out of Kubernetes is an increase infrastructure utilization and a decreases in cloud computing costs. Through the efficient sharing of computing resources across multiple processes by dynamically allocating computing resources to fill the demand, it is the most efficient way to scale interdependent software.

Uses of Containerization Services

When it comes right down to it, Kubernetes was created to automate most of the tasks associated with deploying many clustered services across many infrastructure components. Kubernetes provides the following capabilities:

  • Automatic deployment of application services
  • Automatic configuration of application network
  • Automatic distribution of services across infrastructure
  • Automatic resource allocation for application services
  • Automatic load balancing between application components
  • Automatic replication of application components
  • Automatic failover of application components
  • Easily scale out application services when required
  • Sharing of storage across multiple containers

Kubernetes is certainly a great automation tool for deploying and managing distributed containerized application services. It would be very labor intensive and time consuming to try to achieve the same results manually, if possible at all.

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