Big Data

Too much data isn’t a bad thing – but it may be more than a traditional database can handle. That’s when you need Big Data architecture. 

Whether it’s predictive analytics, video streaming, real-time or batch processing, your business may need to invest in Big Data architecture to save money and make better decisions. From designing personalized medicine based upon genetic information, to delivering customized content to millions of users, big data is the foundation of the world’s most innovative applications and businesses.


Gennovacap has been helping turn Big Data into big solutions for businesses just like yours. Our team of engineers are proficient at using:

Amazon Big Data Pipeline

Amazon Data Pipeline

Automate large data-driven workflows with EC2 Instances.

Amazon Kinesis

Process hundreds of terabytes of streaming data in real-time.

Amazon Redshift

Process hundreds of terabytes of streaming data in real-time.

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery

Manage gigantic datasets in real-time using simple SQL-like queries.

Big Data Architecture with Google Cloud Composer

Google Cloud Composer

Author, schedule, monitor data pipelines on the cloud and on-premise.

Google Cloud Dataflow

Analyze large datasets in batches or real-time on the cloud.

What can architecture mean for your business?

It’s important for your business to make the most out of its data. If you aren’t, you’re likely to fall further and further behind your competitors. Not only can it help you make better business decisions, investing in Big Data architecture can lower your costs, help secure your data and help scale your products or services.

Ready to get started analyzing, securing and scaling enormous amounts of data? Then Gennovacap can’t wait to see what your business can do with the right Big Data architecture. 

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