Outsourced Product Development with Near Shore Teams

company overview

Seismos is a technology company offering completion diagnostics services for the Oil and Gas industry. Seismos-FRAC™ suite offers the industry’s first, non-invasive, direct measurement of fracture properties for real-time fracturing treatment evaluation. Seismos has applied its technology to thousands of stages across U.S. plays.

The Product Solution

Seismos-FRAC™ is a plug and play tool that leverages acoustics to accurately measure the fracture system network. The tool can be utilized on any well and serves as a seamless addition to any completion operation.

Our company overview

Gennovacap is a cloud native consulting firm that provides engineering, advisory, devops, and cloud consulting services. We build high performance software systems in the cloud using the best in class technologies that enable businesses to achieve rapid organizational success.


Seismos is a technology company offering completion diagnostics services for the Oil and Gas industry. They wanted to build a modern ReactJS analytics dashboard 

to provide customers with the most advanced fracking data visualization tools in the industry. The solution ingests large swaths of real time data to visualize and analyze the fracking portion of the drilling operation so that their customers can optimize resource output and maximize profits from production operations. 


Tech stack: Streaming data with Amazon Kenesis, AWS Lambda,  3JS, ReactJS, 

Features: Filtering multiple data sets in a single WebGL view, geolocation, mapping, scaling shapes / objects / color palette adjusted in the 3D graph, multi user administration, real time threshold alerting / notifications, saved view libraries, untapped volume – optimized fracking analysis to maximize the Wells output


Seismos utilized and leveraged Gennovacap’s energy expertise and award winning product team to rapidly iterate the analytics dashboard and provide their customers with the visualization tools they needed to make the best informed decisions during real time fracking / drilling operations. 


Gennovacap’s development of this application has allowed Seismos to help dozens of oil and gas companies to optimize their fracking operations and retrieve millions of dollars of additional energy resources during production operations.


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