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SEO Research

Using our AdWords keyword tool analyzer, we are able to determine which keywords are contextually optimal for each individual website. Once we have the specific keywords we create a semantical outline for the strategic placement of the keywords in the website. In english terms it means that all keywords are structured within the content to enhance the relevance of the chosen or specific keywords.

SEO Setup

Unique relevant content is the most relevant factor that modern search engines are using to gauge page rank. Our content writers are seo experts and know exactly how to write content for search engine optimization. Our content is written using seo best practices and includes researched keywords and optimal meta data. Our content is not only context-sensitive, but is also in alignment of the nature, look, and feel of your site. All content is researched, proofread, and then forwarded to the client for approval.

SEO Implementation

As with keyword integration, semantic markup plays an important role when combined with seo content. We use proven methods of incorporating tags, schema markup, and structured HTML into the content to enhance page rank value.

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Product Development Roadmap

Whether your app is small-scale or large-scale, we use the best agile methodologies and resources to build your application.

Scope Discovery
Here we nail down the scope of work, requirements, and any special terms for your app development project.
In shaping your app, we utilize rapid processes to ideate and prototype the features and functions.
Designers collaborate with UX experts and everyone works together seamlessly to design your app.
Gennovacap utilizes Agile methodology to guide development sprints and test our work as we go.
Once your app is designed, developed, and thoroughly tested, we will help take your product to market.

Tips and Tricks for App Development

We love sharing our ideas with the world and that's why clients hire us. Here are some ideas about app development we want to share with you.

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