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App Development

Our app development team can build anything you can think up. The first step in the process is to discover all the requirements or problem you are trying to solve. Next we create a wireframe or clickable prototype with UI/UX design. Lastly we go into design and development sprints to get your product launched.

Web Development

Our team at excels in building custom software solutions for startups, businesses, and mid-sized enterprises utilizing a variety of web frameworks. Our web development team has a combined 30 years experience of developing web applications. We also try to integrate your software with other web software API's, such as Google Maps, PayPal, Stripe, Slack, CRMs, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and 1000's of others so your app uses the best 3rd party cloud services to help run your business.

Ecommerce Development

Our team is able to develop a variety of ecommerce websites including Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo-Commerce and Magento. In every e-commerce solution , we work closely with our clients to make sure that all business downstream is included in the architecture of the e-commerce, including accounting, shipping, inventory, and logistics. In every e-commerce project we also implement high levels of security, SSL certificates, and secure checkouts using Stripe, Google Checkout, PayPal, or Authorize Merchant Services.

Website Development with Wordpress

We employ a variety of technologies to do website and web development for clients. The primary platform we build for basic websites is in Wordpress. Wordpress provides a very flexible and robust platform to begin the web development process and can scale up easily with out a lot of extra costs to our clients.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are the de-facto standard today and they allow consumers to find information or even make purchases on the spot. When we start every web project, we employ a variety of technologies including Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, and many others so every website or app we develop has a top-tier mobile experience for users or website visitors.

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Product Development Roadmap

Whether your app is small-scale or large-scale, we use the best agile methodologies and resources to build your application.

Scope Discovery
Here we nail down the scope of work, requirements, and any special terms for your app development project.
In shaping your app, we utilize rapid processes to ideate and prototype the features and functions.
Designers collaborate with UX experts and everyone works together seamlessly to design your app.
Gennovacap utilizes Agile methodology to guide development sprints and test our work as we go.
Once your app is designed, developed, and thoroughly tested, we will help take your product to market.

Tips and Tricks for App Development

We love sharing our ideas with the world and that's why clients hire us. Here are some ideas about app development we want to share with you.

A Practical Guide to App Development

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