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Our architecture first development process yields a world class roadmap to kickstart your software journey.

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Scoping Your App

Finding the right fit with a technology partner is essential. In choosing Gennovacap, our engagement begins with a consultation and inquiry into your product strategy and business objectives. During this learning phase, we discover what you’re trying to accomplish, what stands in your way and how we can leverage our expertise to tip the scales of technology in your favor.

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Wireframing / Prototypes

Once everyone is up to speed on the product challenges and the resources required to move the needle, we will craft a confidential contract to protect your intellectual property and proprietary information. Putting your trust in Gennovacap will drive your project forward and lay the foundation for a successful and enjoyable project path.

To unlock maximum potential from your product, Gennovacap blends the best of guiding principles and current practices to formulate a unique approach to solving your problem. We draw on many disciplines to give us a 360 degree perspective on technology options, market trends and user preferences.

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Build fast, build smart

In the early stages of shaping your solution, Gennovacap utilizes rapid processes to ideate, iterate, prototype and prioritize the features and functions of your product. Software architects collaborate with user experience experts. Developers and interface designers work together seamlessly. And project managers oversee all disciplines to ensure a deep connection between our work and your expectations.

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Development Iterations

With blueprints in hand and a roadmap in place, construction begins as our team starts to build your software. Gennovacap utilizes the industry standard Agile methodology to prioritize features, guide development sprints and test our work as we go.

Each sprint begins with a to-do list and ends with functional software. Features that require additional work are rolled into the next sprint along with new tasks, and this wash-rinse-repeat cycle continues until a feature-complete version of your product is ready for beta testing.

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Product Development Roadmap

Whether your app is small-scale or large-scale, we use the best agile methodologies and resources to build your application.

Scope Discovery
Here we nail down the scope of work, requirements, and any special terms for your app development project.
In shaping your app, we utilize rapid processes to ideate and prototype the features and functions.
Designers collaborate with UX experts and everyone works together seamlessly to design your app.
Gennovacap utilizes Agile methodology to guide development sprints and test our work as we go.
Once your app is designed, developed, and thoroughly tested, we will help take your product to market.